Scratch for Kids: Their Entry into Programming

Teaching your kids to code does not only take computer literacy to another level, neither is it only beneficial towards preparing for a future career.

Programming for kids helps your kids strengthen various essential life skills, such as building strong logical and creative thinking skills. It also helps them build other vital 21st-century skills.

As technology continues to evolve at every level, the benefits of a kid’s involvement in tech could not be more evident than they are right now.

However, as with adults looking to go into tech, the common question parents and guardians keep asking is, “what programming language should kids start with?”.

Our answer is Scratch Programming Language! And here’s why.

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Scratch is a great entry point for kids to jump into the world of coding. It is an introductory coding language for kids and adults of all ages.

This block-based visual programming language is an innovative platform and coding language that allows beginner coders of all ages to learn quickly and easily. However, it is targeted primarily at children aged 8–16 as an educational tool for programming.

In April 2020, Scratch ranked in the top 20 most popular computer programming languages in the world. Currently, over 150 countries teach and use Scratch in more than 60 languages.

It is mostly used in after-school centres, schools, colleges and other knowledge institutions.

What Can Kids Do with Scratch?

With a coding language and platform like Scratch, young coders of all ages can learn to code quickly and creatively.

Scratch is a drag-and-drop interface with colourful blocks, making it one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It is fun work for kids because, unlike the traditional programming languages, which are written commands using symbols, Scratch commands take the form of colourful blocks.

Children can create programs by snapping blocks together, as opposed to traditional programming languages like Python, in which the code must be written out.

Scratch empowers kids to easily build interactive programs by connecting code blocks together. With Scratch, kids can program interactive games, stories, and animations, while sharing their creations with others in the online community.

Benefits of Coding in Scratch

The advantages of teaching your codes in Scratch are immense. Here are a few exciting benefits:

· It is fun and creative

· Easy to access and understand

· It is visually appealing

· Builds and sharpens logical thinking and problem-solving skills

· It has fantastic hardware extensions

· It is the best way to get into high-level programming

Additionally, as your kids continue to learn and practice with Scratch, they will develop planning skills, artistic design and creative skills.

Enrol Your Kids in the Best Scratch Coding Class

If you’re looking to get your kids immersed into a world of tech using Scratch, then look no further than NextGen Africa.

NextGen is an online program that uses a personalized and gamified learning experience to empower kids aged 11–17 with practical tech skills. The program applies project-based learning and a design-thinking approach to unlock innovation, creativity and ingenuity.




The Bulb Africa is a platform for Africans leveraging technology. We provide training and incubation programs that help turn tech ideas into business realities.

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The Bulb Africa

The Bulb Africa is a platform for Africans leveraging technology. We provide training and incubation programs that help turn tech ideas into business realities.

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