Reasons Your Kids Should Learn Coding

Written Babatunde Eyinfunjowo

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4 min readAug 4, 2022


Coding teaches kids how digital technology works and opens their eyes to new possibilities. In today’s world, children are surrounded by technology, such as smartphones, video games, video entertainment, websites, and even robots.

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Like all the subjects they learn in school, kids must understand the basics of an integral part of their life. To make the most of technology, they need to realize that technology isn’t magic and can create valuable programs themselves.

Nevertheless, knowing how modern technology works is just one of the benefits of learning to code. Furthermore, they will learn how to think and develop skills they will need in the future.

Coders are in high demand

We live in the most unprecedented times of our lives, and learning to code will enable your child to build a successful career. The Tech industry is growing, and coders are in high demand.

Coding has become a vital skill, and the best thing about it is that you don’t need to get a degree in computer science to get a job in tech. Tech giants like Apple and Google have ruled out university degrees from their job requirements!

Improves creativity

Coding for kids is a fascinating creative process, as they build something extraordinary out of absolutely nothing.

Creative thinking begins with a questioning mindset. Through coding, we enable our curious and imaginative kids to be the creative thinkers of the next generation. It can be taught by encouraging kids to experiment, explore their ideas, question their assumptions, make mistakes and learn from them.

Coding is fun

Just like science experiments, kids can do at home or in school, learning to code while creating games and animation can be enjoyable for kids.

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Learning to code can be in the form of learning how to build games with JavaScript or creating a simple website with HTML and CSS. Learning to code can also involve solving puzzles and completing challenges. It allows them to do many things they already think are fun, such as creating their video games, and we all know that kids learn much faster when it is fun.

Coding rekindles kids’ interest in math

Over the years, there has been this belief that kids cannot code without developing strong math skills first. However, it turns out it might not be accurate. Children can improve their math skills as they learn to code.

Teaching kids how to code involves applying math concepts. Your kids will acquire these mathematical skills and abilities without noticing because they will have fun doing it.

Career opportunities

To compete in the global workspace in the future, children need to possess specific skill sets in the tech industry. Most jobs require that you have at least basic technology skills; even supermarkets and shopping malls use some computer device to operate.

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People who specialize in coding make a lot of money because there is a high demand for coders worldwide, and people are willing to pay them a lot. Putting children on this path will enable them to build a successful early career without any blemishes.

Coding develops problem-solving skills

The ability to code gives a new perspective to problem-solving. Through coding, children learn to quickly fix and try different approaches when something doesn’t work out.

Coding also equips kids with the ability to stick with a problem and work on finding a solution. A coder tweaks parts of his code one component at a time to try which one solves the problem.

Coding gives you a competitive advantage

To be more desirable in the eyes of admission officers and future employers, kids, especially teenagers, should start learning to code. There aren’t many kids who can code. This will give them a competitive edge when applying to colleges, internships, and jobs.


Parents and African schools should be eager to teach kids how to code. Learning how to code might not necessarily turn them into professional programmers. Still, it equips them with in-demand skills that will help them in various academic and life choices in today’s hyper-competitive digital era.

Your kids can learn how to code with NextGen, a children’s program developed by The Bulb Africa to equip your kids with in-demand tech skills and give them a head start into the future! Visit the NextGen website to learn more about the available courses and register your kids.



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