From Teaching to DevOps Engineer: A Testimony of Hard Work and Commitment.

By Jewel.

The Bulb Africa
2 min readJan 26, 2024

Awele’s transition from a teacher to a student in DevOps at The Bulb Africa is a true testament to the opportunities that await those who dare to venture into the world of technology.

Meet Awele Oluwatoyin Salome, a former teacher turned DevOps student at The Bulb Africa.

The path to the fellowship program unfolded for Awele during an internal event on International Women’s Day hosted by TechJewel. “DevOps engineering caught my attention because of its ability to bring development and operations together, addressing areas beyond traditional software development,” Awele recalled.

“Interestingly, as a software engineer, you can only develop the product.” Awele shared. “The training experience has been truly enriching. My tutor’s knowledge and the supportive learning environment have made the journey amazing.”

Awele spoke passionately about the six-month program. “It’s an enriching experience that presents a lifelong learning opportunity. The challenge lies in pushing myself to maximize this conducive learning environment, she emphasized.

During her training, Awele delved into working extensively with AWS and navigating the integration and security of websites. Currently, her focus is on Kubernetes, which she describes as challenging yet stimulating. “It’s truly been an interesting and engaging journey,” she enthused.

Addressing aspiring women in tech, Awele encouraged, “I started as the only female in my class, but I realized this field is inclusive. The Bulb Africa fosters a safe and encouraging space for learning. Success in this field isn’t about gender; rather, it’s about intellect, energy, commitment, and motivation. Anyone can thrive here, regardless of gender.”

From working extensively with AWS to tackling the complexities of integrating and securing websites, Awele’s journey has been marked by hands-on experiences, hard work and lots of enthusiasm. Her journey serves as a testament to the inclusive and supportive environment fostered by the Fellowship Program at The Bulb Africa, where passion and determination get you there.

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