From Graphics Designing to Product Design: A Journey of Dedication and Success.

By JeweL. U

The Bulb Africa
2 min readDec 15, 2023

We sit down with Vivian Onuoha, a talented individual whose journey from Graphics designing/Brand consultancy to Product design exemplifies the power of focus, dedication, and the pursuit of one’s passion. Vivian’s story is not just about transition, but also about carving a path that aligns with her innate design prowess.

Here’s how she found us, “I heard about the fellowship program through someone and then I went through their website and pages, and it looked like an interesting place.”

Vivian delves into her initial encounters with the fellowship program, recalling her transition from graphics designing to product design as a natural extension of her existing skills. “I decided to train as a product designer because it was already in line with what I was doing and I didn’t want to shift from the design aspect, so it works well for me,” she shares, emphasizing the seamless integration of her passion into her career path.

Vivian fondly recalls her learning experience as “smooth, really good, seamless, interesting & interactive,” emphasizing the nurturing environment that fostered her growth. Her comment rings with positivity, reflecting her fulfilling educational journey. Asked about facing challenges, she proudly shines a light on her facilitator’s expertise and credits the program’s smooth-sailing nature.

During her time in the training, Vivian worked on creating landing pages for existing websites and exploring the world of app design. Post-graduation, she embarked on personal projects, translating her learning into real-world skills, benefiting her career by landing rewarding jobs. Her advice for aspiring individuals brims with encouragement: “As long as you are dedicated, focused know what you want, and put your mind to it, you can do anything.”

In her words … and if you are looking for a place to learn, I recommend The Bulb Africa”. Her inspiring words and journey remind us that anyone can chart a successful path in their chosen field with dedication and focus.

Her recommendation of the program confirms its ability to inspire and encourage growth, reflecting her journey as an example of tenacity and perseverance.

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