My Journey in Tech: From E-commerce Analyst to Product Manager.

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2 min readApr 4, 2024

By Oyinkansola.

On documenting the success stories of our students at The Bulb Fellowship Program, we sat down with David Nnechi, who has transitioned from an E-commerce Analyst to a Product Manager after his fellowship program with us at The Bulb. David’s story inspires and encourages one to stay grounded in the field that resonates with them even when going into tech.

For his motivation to join the fellowship program, David “had a friend that enrolled for fellowship at the Bulb, and he studied DevOps, and after his program, he got an international job. In less than 6 months, he flew out of the country”. David spent some time with him and “noticed that the quality of education he got here was unmatched to anywhere else”.

David stated that he “wanted where he could learn and put what he learns in practice” and this is just one of the perks of the fellowship program at the Bulb. We go beyond traditional teaching and engage our students with hands-on experience on real-life projects, giving them the confidence they need after graduation.

At his previous place of employment as an e-commerce analyst, David noticed that most of the research being done was not affected and a motivation to be able to do research and proffer solutions fuelled his interest in learning Product Management.

David recalls his training experience as “awesome. The quality was good. I was trained under an experienced product manager and as such, I was able to work on real projects and learn on the go”.

Post graduation and now working as a Product Manager for one of the leading tech companies in Lagos. David is very grateful for the fellowship program and reiterates that “If I did not enrol for fellowship at The Bulb, I wouldn’t be able to handle most of the challenges I face every day as a Product Manager, The Bulb prepared me”

Just like David, secure your future. Apply now for the Fellowship Program and take the first step toward your dream career in tech. Also, The Bulb is presently giving 10 million naira in scholarship for fellowship with us and this could be a great opportunity to enrol at a subsidized rate and kickstart your journey. Find out more, we can’t wait to meet you!



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